Options and conditions with windows dedicated server hosting.

This text defines specific terms and conditions for shared website hosting in which windows dedicated server hosting interacts with the user. These terms of use constitute a contract, all clauses of which apply between the parties.

How is the collaboration going? The client must first read and accept the terms of use of dedicated servers, as well as web hosting options, in order to be able to use the services provided in the context of shared web hosting or management services.

Representation of a domain name, as well as extensions associated with the use and implementation of these services. A flag indicating that you read and accept the terms of use and the conditions for joint hosting of websites after filling out your registration form means confirming them and will mean irrevocable acceptance of these conditions and special conditions for joint hosting of sites when registering on the site.

Therefore, you can use web hosting options only if you accept without any reservations all the conditions presented below, and in accordance with applicable law.

The purpose of these specific windows dedicated server hosting is to determine the technical and financial conditions under which the provider agrees to host the Internet service on its platform. Specific conditions describe in detail the various subscription options for preparing the platform space reserved.

The Customer expressly acknowledges that the supplier is not involved in the sense of the present in the design, development, implementation and implementation of the Customer’s website and its IT management and administration tools. All offers and general services offered to their customers are governed by the following specific conditions, which are taken into account when ordering a customer and who accepts them.

The customer should pay attention. If the supplier does not want to be held accountable, if the general conditions for the sale of customers are completely or partially different from these. General and special conditions apply to all transactions between him and his client, unless otherwise agreed or agreed.

Dedicated servers provide their customers with web hosting services to enable customers to offer Internet content to the general public. The service allows you to maintain and update websites, receive emails and maintain email accounts, as well as access the web space via FTP in order to download files associated with their websites. During the term of the contract, it undertakes to provide these services in accordance with the package selected at the time of activation of its account. The details of each offer are described in detail in the offer itself, published on the website at the time of creating your account, and remain valid for the duration of the contract with it. Services should be defined as server space and permission to transmit data in order to publish a personal or professional website. The company offers the placement of a domain name, associated disk space, as well as the placement of this space on its DNS servers. After paying the rent, everyone can choose the address of their site. Nevertheless, it must be accessible, and must fulfill all the necessary conditions and provide the relevant documents.

In case of deactivation of automatic renewal in accordance with the conditions specified above, the corresponding Service is automatically terminated and deleted at the end of the Original term. The duration, as well as the conditions for the extension and termination of certain options or functions that may be related, may differ from those that apply.

When hiring shared hosting, we can choose two different options, depending on the type of operating system used on the server. Thus, just as it happens on personal computers, users can find hosting for Windows or Linux, each of which is focused on a specific type of project, depending on the type of programming language used to create it. One of the main uncertainties faced by users who begin in this world when it comes to renting a home is this: will the choice of hosting with Linux or Windows affect other clients when it comes to browsing the Internet? The answer is NO. In other words, if you choose shared Linux hosting, the web will correctly display on Windows computers; and vice versa. And the fact is that the hosting operating system is not affected when it comes to surfing the Internet, and the network will look the same whether you are using a Mac, Linux or Windows.