Features of working with business express websites.

Have you long dreamed of having a site for your class, but you find all the procedures complicated and more or less convenient for you to program? Now you can create websites very easily with online publishers of business express websites!

New computer and communication technologies currently offer a wide range of tools that can improve the services provided by the information and documentation service to their users.

In addition, the Internet is increasingly being used as a tool for disseminating information, but enthusiasm for its use can sometimes be discouraging, given the complexity and rapid evolution of the proposed tools and their limitations.

Professionals in the field of documentary information, in order to fully play their intermediary role, are more than ever called upon to offer solutions that facilitate access to information in order to prevent access to the large amount of data available on the Internet. Without creating an obstacle to access information. Then they should offer, in perfect cooperation with other members of their organization (in particular, IT specialists), new distribution tools that are a mirror of their documentary structures, access platforms, entrance doors or simply documentary portals aimed at working custom express websites.

The goal of Business express websites, however, is not to make everyone a webmaster. Or a programmer. There are already people trained in this task, and, in our opinion, it makes no sense to do wrong what others are already doing well. The contribution of an information professional should consist mainly in the role of a web project manager, which is part of a more general strategy, namely the distribution of information resources of an organization.

Basics of the Design Procedure. Therefore, each client should be able to carry out a project to computerize their documentation center or post online documentary resources, especially with regard to the organization of information, content management and animation of the document portal. In addition, the specific goals of this course are to give you the skills you need to: – Know the various steps and tools for setting up a document portal; – design and build a portal of documents; – publish a site; – Know how to link to the site; – Get the concepts of intellectual property rights on the Internet; – write specifications;

Addition. The term network precedes computers and can be understood as a set of elements interconnected by a set of paths. This is how we talk about the road network, the sea network, the railway network … The term has changed significantly over time and also applies to any group of people united in a joint activity. Then we talk about terrorist networks, documentary networks, freemason networks, etc. In relation to IT, a network refers to a set of computers, and sometimes terminals, connected together to exchange information and programs or to share resources (printer, scanner). In this case, the concept of a network reveals the idea of sharing, sharing resources. This sharing most often works in client / server mode. Here, the client represents the user’s computer, which sends a service request, sends a request to the host computer, which serves as a data storage location. This server computer after analyzing the client request sends information corresponding to the requested service.

Note. The Internet is primarily a physical network, that is, a set of interconnected communication networks in the world. Then it can be understood as a network of networks in the sense that it connects millions of computers around the world and which do not necessarily belong to any country, do not necessarily work with the same systems and often do not contain the same types of information.

Faced with many computer networks and protocols, and also in order to satisfy the need for connecting these networks, the Internet intends to define a set of protocols common to several networks, and at the same time implements a connection method. physical and logical beginning of the global network. Therefore, the Internet should be defined as a global computer network, consisting of a set of networks connecting millions of computers of various types, but capable of exchanging information. This connection is most often made using public and private telephone lines.